La-7's, Ki-84's - burden of F4U's

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Sgt. Pappy

Airman 1st Class
Jun 7, 2006
hey all! I posted this on the IL-2 forums, but i really didnt get a single answer so im going to try my luck here.

Flying online a bit more and wondered to myself - 'La-7's? WHERE?' then i died.

I was flying the F4U-1D and the only advantages i've ever been able to calculate over the La-7 was dive speed, dive acceleration, zoom climb and the ability to 'put on the brakes' (i.e. speed brakes, better flaps), and the same advantages went for the Ki-84 except when both planes are w/out WEP, in which case i can run and climb as well. I realize that these are pretty good advantages and that this is what makes the hawg more fun to fly than my old spitty, but what performance advantages do i have over an La-7? (I've downloaded hardball's viewr and 'Il-2 Compare 4.07)

now for the calculations. La-7's empty weight is about 5,816 lbs. and its wing area is 188 sq ft. Wingloading is therefore, 31 lbs/sq ft.

The F4U-1A has a weight of 8,873 lbs. and a wing area of 314 sq ft. Wingloading is therefore 28 lbs./sq ft. (im assuming the F4U-1D is better since the -1A does not have the R-2800-8W, only the R-2800-8 ). Why then does the La-7 turn SO much tighter? Yes, the power loading is 0.31 hp/lb (la-7) vs. 0.25 hp/lb. (F4U) but the Spitfire XIV also has a power loading like the La-7 and still turns a lot worse than the Spitfire IX. Or are these comparison sheets on Hardball's and the 'Il-2 Compare 4.07' comparing a/c when they are average TO weight/fully laiden?

Any ways of killing either the La-7 or the Ki-84 when theyre on your six but not super high, just a little higher in alt than you? (I find that to be moer of a problem to dodge than when theyre uber high up, since they're not traveling so fast that they'll overshoot easily).

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

(P.S. just a few random F4U questions not too important -
1) best radiator settings for given altitudes... what are they?
2) The Pratt Whitney R-2800-8W that powered the F4U-1A/D was a TWO-speed TWO-stage superchared engine correct?)
If you fly the Corsair right, you should have no problems with either the LA7 or the KI84.

When flying any plane especially the late war American birds in Il2-1946, etc.. get altitude before entering the fight, the Ki84 is not good up high, unfortunately I think the LA7 may be a little uber (russian sim afterall!) but thats just my opinion.

I typically kick the supercharger to stage 2 at about 7400 feet and stage 3 at 14000 feet, if you are unsure, when you switch gears you can hear by the sound of the motor if it is still making power. If it bogs down, then you are too low for it do you any good. I would go into the key settings and set a key for manual supercharger operation.

As always altitude is life, don't attempt to get down low with LA7, KI84 or any other plane that is good at turning especially low speeds. Once you get altitude of at 12-15000 feet, level that big bird off and always keep your airspeed, the Corsair will outrun the Ki84, the LA7 I am not sure since most rooms I fly in or coops don't allow this bird. Fortunately the Ki84 carries very little ammo.

I know many online pilots who fly corsairs regularly and are hard to beat in any plane, in a straight up dogfight.

If you have the option fly the C model Corsair as it has cannons, which gunwise is a great equalizer in terms of armament.

I have flown the Corsair many times and think its one of the best flying, fighting planes in the game if you fly it correctly, think boom and zoom, only turn if you know you can extend and escape. Airspeed, Airspeed, Airspeed!

Myself I prefer the early warbirds, I routinely fly the P40E and Ki43, now you wanna see someone get pissed? Shoot those late war birds down with one of those planes! Of course I am not always successful, well mostly not but when we fly at least two of them together, you can make them guys overwork those bigger, more powerful birds.

Good Luck, if you want I am on Hyperlobby usually on Friday, Saturday night.
Also there is a group of guys who have a room called VMF214 up most weekends, they fly mainly Corsairs, and if you just tag along you might learn something.
i was stuck on the f4u's for awhile and the best variant i found was the 1c. if you get in a situation where your opponent and you have some altitude dive to the water make a straight run for around 60 seconds and loop back you should have enough distance to make a good shot....and with the f4u1c's armament it'll only take a few.....I know where 4 hole swamp is lol
Alright! I just gotta get my HL working and i'l get right back to the skies! Hope to see you both and thanks.
ok Pappy just look for these names and tell em lead sent ya! If I am not on that is! AAA_redfish, AAA_Wasp, 94th_Smoke, 94th_Shadowwolf, or mine is AAA_leadsled.

And Der, lol in 10 years of me posting messages on the net, you are the first one to know lol or say anything about it!

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