Lancaster Essen raid pilot missing in action

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Dec 20, 2003
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My mums distant cousin was a Lancaster pilot who was reported missing in action on one of the Essen raids she has no date or squadron number any ideas on how to find out more lads.
His name was flight Sergeant Dennis either Carty or Cartie and he trained in Canada.
Thanks that site was great Erich within four posts I had found out everything, he was an RAF pilot flying a Wellington III for an RCAF squadron his plane went down over the channel and he was killed along with all his crew his full name was flight sgt Harry Dennis Carty.
He was 20 when he died in 1943 and is remembered on panel 144 of the Runnymeade memorial. along with 20000 plus other flyers who didnt make it through the war.


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Hi Trackend,

Its very sad that he was a casualty of war, but you must be very proud of him.

I've also been looking on my database, and there are two cartys listed, but the other was flying a halifax.

the Aircraft in question was a wellington Mk III serial no: BK540 of 429 "Bison" Squadron RCAF coded AL- based at East Moor.

the A/c crashed into the sea near Esbjerg in Denmark on the night of 29/30 March 1943, during a raid on Bochum. unfortunately there were no survivors.

May they all rest in peace.
Erich said:

For the date you depicted I., III. and IV./NJG 1 flying Bf 110G-4's claimed 6 Wellingtons this night..............

Hi Erich,

Whats the best website in your experience for the German Nightfighter claims??

I dont have a great deal of info on them, only a few tables with all the claims from H. Schnauffer their top ace. :)
Tony Woods site via Les Butler's JG 26 web-pages. Tonys copies of the Freiburg listings are in win zip format. I have direct copies from Germany which are a bit different than what he has published. Dr. Theo Boiten will have his book ready on the matter in aobut 2 years with many first person accts. Are you interested in any specific date ?
no specific date exactly, I have a lot of info on bomber command fighter command, but my Victories losses from the axis side are very thin.

i have read one of Dr T. Boiten's books i think it was called night war it was very good indeed.

Are you familiar with the books of the bomber command losses by W.R.Chorley? is there anything similar for the luftwaffe losses?

the German night time losses are going to be revised by Dr. Boiten in the future. right now they are in 2 works with missing repotts written in German but easy to figure out by Michael Balss.

they are not that easy to find.

I just thought id like to say thanks to you fellas Concorde and Erich for putting me on the right lines for finding out about my uncle I found a web site dedicated to 429 Bison squadron run by a guy in Canada I also found his picture. Unlike Sam who managed to survive 35 missions my uncle fell 32 short and copped it on his third outing two of his crew where last minute replacements so his regular guys must have felt very lucky when AL540 went down, As I say thanks guys I would never have found this stuff without your expertise.


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sure, i track down the serial number for a single lanc given only a date and mission and get a "nice info"..........

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