Lancaster in 1/48: Tamiya or Hong Kong Models - thoughts?

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Jan 25, 2009
Newark, UK
I have a "tribute" Lanc build in mind (WS4964/WS-J "Johnnie Walker" of No. 9 Squadron, part of which can be seen at my local air museum in Newark). I'd like to do a decent job of it, I have a 1/72 Airfix in the stash that's been waiting to be called up but now I'm leaning towards 1/48. I can lay my hands on the hoary old Tamiya kit at a reasonable price, my question is: is it worth saving my pennies (or selling off organs) to fund a purchase of the new HK kit? Just how superior is it to the Tamiya kit?

I can't help you much there Tony as I've not built either one and frankly don't have the room for them anyway. I think the failings of the Tamiya kit have been well documented so you should be abe to get plenty of info from Mr. Google. I can only give you my impression of the HK kit from the pics that I've seen. I seems to me that they were pretty lazy with their details as much of it seems to be moulded rather than featured as separate parts. That, to me, makes the price unjustifiable. That said, I've heard it's better than the old Tamiya.

I can't remember now who was making another one The company folded but I think someone bought the moulds. That one looked VERY impressive with subtle oil-canning of the skins and a lot of fine details.
Thanks Crimea_River Crimea_River for that. The long and the short of it is that I can get hold of the Tamiya for 50 quid or the HK for twice that (with a free bag of coffee). It does look like a much nicer kit.

I think the discontinued one you're referring to was by Wingnut Wings, now under the Border Models name, but that's 1/32 and I definitely don't have the room for that!
That said, I've heard it's better than the old Tamiya.

That's the impression I get. I've read up on both and have decided to sell a couple of organs on eBay to fund the HK kit. A new model shop in the Peak District (High Peak Scale Models, Chapel en le Frith) did a special offer last week, £99.99 posted with a free bag of that Warbird coffee thrown in. They quickly sold out but agreed to honour the price for backorders taken during the week.

So it looks like "J for Johnny" is finally on!


Source: A lucky Avro Lancaster crew - British Forces | Gallery
Looking forward to the build.
I picked up the old Tamiya kit some years back for a measly £15 (!!!), and started on the corrections, with a lot of scratch-building thrown in too.
Haven't gone any further, until I can find room for the planned display base.

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