Lancaster, the movie on Prime

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Its a good film, and everyone should see it.

But its not the same as Spitfire.
Its less about Lancasters, and more about bombing missions and the politics behind it all.
Bombers did a lot of damage and killed a lot of people, civilians included (casualties of a German war),
and while Churchill directed their missions, he quickly distanced himself from Bomber Command after the war.
It took decades for Bomber crews to be recognized and supported for their contribution.
And to finally get a Memorial.
Thats what this movie is about.
Even though my response is belated, I'd like to jump in. Haven't caught Lancaster yet, so can't compare, but it's on my list for sure. Heard it's a high-quality film with a deep plot. Planning to watch it soon! Oh, if you're into good films, you might want to check out movies out now in theaters. I've seen some impressive premieres lately with great reviews from critics.
I looked up "Spitfire" on Prime and there were a few about the Spitfire.

"Spitfire: Inspiration of a Nation"
"Spitfire Paddy"
"Spitfire First of the Few"
"Spitfire Voices"
"Spitfire over Berlin"
I have the "Spitfire" documentary on DVD, and was looking for it to see if there was a sub-title (I don't think there is), but I think I must have left it at my "Tin Tent" in Norfolk.
Okay, thats too funny.
"whats the spitfire movie called?"

I think its this one, since this is what it says when I watch the movie:

since its on a similar vein (movies, movies about WW2, churchill, movies we don't know the names of...)

Churchill the movie (not affiliated with Lego the movie) starring Gary Oldman, is an awesome film.
Got no Spitfires in it tho.

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