Lancaster Ventral Turret.

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Jul 2, 2006
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Ok I know we have had all of this, but here is a photo of a Mk I that has the ventral turret fitted.

Note. The extended chute for the flares in front of the ventral turret so the flares will clear it.


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yes, although in 1944 some lancs were fitted with it again, however this was the exception to the rule, although one or two other ventral projects were tried, pics of the lanc with any sort of ventral turret are very rare, i've only got a couple i'll pest them when i'm back on the other computer..........
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You will find that a lot of Lancasters did indeed have the ventral turret. Principally it was the Lancaster II with the swollen bomb bay. I also believe a lot of the Canadian Lancasters in 6 Group chose to have it fitted. The Halifax also had a ventral turret
Yep, I agree with C (Welcome mate BTW !)
Got an article on an Airfix Lanc converted to a radial engined B.II. The author mentions the ventral turret was only applicable to the bulged bomb bay door version of the B.II.
Re the ventral turrets: (from Airfix annual 198(2?))

...It had been mooted that the Mk.II Lancaster would be an ideal aircraft for daylight operations since it's air-cooled engines were not as vulnerable as the liquid-cooled Merlin engines...(though wasn't used as such)...Another legacy of the daylight proposal was the fitting of an FN64 ventral turret armed with two .303 Browning machine guns which were often manned by an eigth crew member. On many Mk.IIs the turret was removed as it was felt it was not really necessary for night operations.

Re the H2S (from unrecorded source):

Bombing accuracy was improved with the introduction of the H2S airborne radar navigational and target location device, distinguished by the semi-opaque Perspex fairing under the rear fueslage, and first used by No 49 Squadron in August 1943, but this could not be fitted in aircraft with the bulged bomb-bay, which were concentrated in the squadrons of 3 Group.
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