Lawarance L-5 radial help

Discussion in 'Engines' started by maulepilot, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Recently came across a Lawarance L-5 ww2 era 5 cyl radial engine.

    My understanding is that it originally powered a APU that was used, among other applications, in B29's
    I found it in a barn attached to an early (50's) gyrocopter, though doubt it ever ran on this application
    due to a few issues with application (engine was designed to operate with the crankshaft oriented vertically)

    The engine stands alone, generator component long gone. Engine itself looks fairly complete minus, carb, oil res. plugs/wires
    Internals seem well preserved, crank spins freely, compression felt.

    Love to get it running as a novelty, cute little engine with quite a past

    Any info re this engine (Ive done the usual google searches with limited success) would be greatly appreciated,
    photos with carb/oiling detail would really help

    I have several of photos, and can produce more detail if needed



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