Line drawings in three views of WW2 aircraft - where on-line

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Dec 14, 2004

Does anyone know where on-line I might find "blueprint" -type drawings of these aircraft, showing top, front and side (see for some examples)? I'm trying to come up with some "virtual" models and this would be VERY helpful.



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Godfrey, hit this link old boy.Should take you to a site that lets you download plans in winzip formatt. Just click on the name of the aircraft you wish to look at, it will pop up a preview of that plan, then if it looks good and is what you need, hit the download link and it should ask you where you wish to put it. Enjoy! and I hope the link works.Cheers Jim
cheddar cheese said:
Yeah luftarchiv is a good site. Unfortunately its a little hard to navigate if you dont speak German :(

ehm... the sites you gave were russian ^.^ thats even harder to read :p
Thanks, gentlemen - fortunately, ich kann Deutsche lesen, and gavairu parusski mimnoga. Only problem with the Russian sites is that I can't figure out how to get my browser (MacOS9) to display Cyrillic characters - but the pictures come out great.
Vahe, may I just point towards the fact that the question you answered yesterday has been posted on 14.December 2004 - exactly 15 years ago!o_O
Godfrey, the one who asked the question, wrote 2 (two!) messages in this forum and disappeared. Don't you think that he might have found what he was looking for, a decade and a half ago? I bet he'll never return from the past to check the new answers.

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