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    Reason I put this in this section is some fact checking from the esteemed board members.

    Just working on a little fiction project, in one scene a protagonist is looking over a NATO comparative testing field report. My sources are good, but I like to get feedback because they're varied, and when you're combining a fictional piece from a single source from multiple references it's good to see if it reads well.

    So combined from references including USAF advanced flight training centre, the reformed Luftwaffe, a Fulcrum mechanic in the Czech Republic and bits and pieces, represented in a fictional 1998 NATO document for the novel, how does this read? Keep in mind it is 1998 and only what is known then is within the story environment. The tale is a fictionalisation of the Georgian crisis.

    I was thinking of course, too long, but I wanted to cover all the pertinent details.
    I don't know the formatting such a report would be in.
    It turns conversational towards the end, I want it to sound more official.

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