Lockheed hudson AM824 shot down in ålesund

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Jan 30, 2023
Hi do any have some information about Lockheed hudson am824 flight officer Lucius T .Arthur who was shot down by macine gun fire (short range) in ålesund norway ? 1may 1942

The plane was followed by german search lights, and the plane landed in valderhaugfjorden (Ålesund norway ) the crew was picked up by german soldiers and transported into ålesund.

Pictures is of the machine gun nest who shot down the plane

The plane has newer been found


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Is it possible to find an statement from the pilot for more exact position where the plane went down? It is only stated that the plane went down in valderhaugfjorden , the germans followed it with searchlights from tueneset costal deefense fort after they shot it down. And the survivors was picked up by the germans, one man got killed

I have tryed to search for the plane with wassp multibeam and sonar, but i think i have searched to near the machine gun nest


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A lot of wreck hunters would like your sonar set up. Your only chance of a better report from the pilot and crew would be in the British National Archives report which is not online. The Germans probably have a better idea of the location. My speculation based on the number of survivors would be it stayed in the air long enough to either climb high enough to use parachutes or slow down before ditching, that would put the wreck some distance from the AA guns.

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