Look what Google Has in Works!

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not good- this is, like you say, a serious invasion of privacy, i use my mic to talk to people anyway so what's gonna happen if they're recording all my conversations! what i'm not clear on is if you need to download the software for them to be able to do this or whether they can just do it automatically? and anyway who actually likes the adverts they watch?
First, let me say that they can't just download software to your computer without your knowledge. They could however install it with their toolbar or other software. Dangerous? Maybe.

Let me ask you this. Do you download programs or applications from the web? Have you ever downloaded Warez or cracked programs? Any of those are far more dangerous than what google is doing.
Wanna bet? It's what spyware basically does, keeps track of what you are doing and where you are visiting. It can also mine your bank account numbers and your quicken data. That is way more dangerous than them knowing what I watch on TV. Plus, you have no idea where that info is going to end up, but I guarantee that is not used for market research.
Not, but I do care if someone just listens to what I'm saying in persona... Did you know I recieve spam with Israeli content in it? I really don't know why, probably because I'm posting this word often... :?:

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