Looking For Original Photos of the Curtiss P-40

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I'm looking for high resolution good quality scans of original period photos showing the Curtiss P-40 for use on a new website devoted to the type.

I am not looking for your run of the mill, small, bad quality photos which can be found all over the internet. I am also not interested in photos of restored aircraft unless they are large, good quality images.


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Try the following



Russian P-40s

Glenn Curtiss Photos



P-40s in Flight

Glenn Curtiss Photos

Early Model P-40

Russian Photo of p-40

I hope it helps

Thanks, but I have all those already. Matter of fact there are links to most of those on my site.

I'm looking for large, good quality images. The shot of the P-40K you posted in the message,
although a large image by most standards, is small compared to what I'm looking for.

To get an idea of what I'm after, take a look at this image. If you're dial-up,
you may not want to bother, as it's 832K...

XP-40 Mod - NACA Langley

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