Looking for this plane

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Mar 18, 2006
I saw this plane in a hanger near where I work and im trying to
figure out what the name of it is called and what it was used for.
so here's the specs I hope you guys can help. post pictures and
i'll let you know if I recognize it. First person to tell me what it is
Gets a gold star!!

SPECS: Low wing
Twin Radial engines on each wing.
Tricical landing gear below engines one on the nose.
Long pointy nose with thin cockpit. looked like 4 cannons front.
Landing gear looked pretty high.

It almost looked like a mig with two radial engines. ahh I wish I new what
it was called! but that's all the information that I can remember about it.

Ps. im new to forums. Im a pilot from Victoria Canada.
ahh dangit I cant be. it was a large tricical landing gear plane
with radial engines. I really cant be more specific I was hopeing
people could show pictures even if there are a few.

I know the nose is really pointy and sticks out past the radial engines
and had 2 gun slits on each side of the nose

There isnt alot of Twin Radial engine planes with single canopy
cockpit and tall tricical landing gear.....
there is alot to me...
were the Rings round or squared off? how many propeller blades? how many vertical tail fins?

Like that of a Mustang or more like a messerschmitt, didnt have a bubble
I dont know, they're rebuilding it so all the paint was stripped. I'll be able
to find out on monday, but I was hopeing to find out before than.
some German planes look like they have radial engines when actually it is an inline engine with an annular radiator
kinda like this one
The engine cowlings where off so I could tell it was radial.
But it does kinda look like that. but not it

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