Luftwaffe in Italy 1944-1945

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May 2, 2005
I am interested in the Axis/Luftwaffe order of battle in Italy from mid-late 1944 till the end of the war. AFAIK the main unit based in northern Italy was Luftflotte 2. But did some units based outside Italy fight any combat over Italy?

Are the following pages a good source, i.e. complete and correct?

Thanks in advance

I can tell you that during my tour in N.Africa and Italy 7/43 to 2/44 the German fighters always made their presence known.
many of the US 15th AF bomber units flew north over the Tirol and into Austria, Yugoslavia, Czechslovakia, etc. Several units notably Bf 109G-6 equipped JG 27 were based in Italia and gave a good show along with II./ZG 1's Bf 110G-2 units also armed with the crazy wild Br 21cm rockets under the wings. they were based at Wels, Austria.

note jhor has been kind enough to have his own thread where personal questions of his career have been asked. read through the forums and you will find his squadron and bomb group

Thanks, really an interesting site

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