Marine Captain resigns in Protest over Governmental Policy in Afghanistan

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Some food for thought, perhaps?

Your son might temper that feeling slightly if he considers how many millions of Americans are descendants of those who left their own home nations because of repression, pogroms, torture, lack of religious freedom and constant threat? If those officials were living the high life and were guilty of corruption, and are demanding milk and honey at tax payers expense, fair enough.

But if its simply because they escaped the fate of a bullet or a noose, I'm not necessarily minded to completely agree. An additional thought might be to ponder what did the USA learned about itself when reconsidering the similar treatment of Japanese nationals in WW2

My two buddies who saw service there are aghast of the blanket abysmal treatments and suspicion being meted out to our own asylum seekers in the UK. That's not to say for an instant that there aren't a high proportion of economic migrants and chancers amongst them, but seeing the reality of Afghanistan made them see life in a a lot less black and white.
His comments were directed toward those who felt entitled. He had much compassion for most of the refugees, but there were plenty of rotten apples.

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