McQueen or Eastwood?

Who is cooler?

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Steve was cool in The great escape, the magnificent seven and hell is for heroes BUT Clint is the dude!! He was awesome in all his movies (well maybe not bridges of Madison County), especially as Dirty Harry and Gunny Sgt Highway!
McQueen was a far better actor than Eastwood is in Papillion he was teriffic and in no way upstaged by Dustin Hoffman Clint eastwood has appeared in some great movies but if you change his suit in Dirty Harry for a Poncho its the same style of acting same goes for Coogans bluff, where Eagles Dare and several others roles he has played.
Mcqueen was a fool to himself and could'nt handle his fame or wealth Eastwood has been a bit wiser apart from his private matramonial matters.
Clint Eastwood is a great actor and an amazing director. Since you're asking who is 'cooler' it's Steve McQueen, however there's no more of a man than Clint Eastwood.

McQueen is cool, Eastwood is the fuck-ing man!
An interesting point to notice that McQueen was a third degree black belt in Karate, and his personal instructors were Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris...
Bruce Lee stated that McQueen had good physical ability but was clueless in the mentality, which is a vital part of what Bruce Lee taught.

What makes Eastwood more of a man? Look what he does in the vast majority of his movies, he kicks punk ass. Those little peckers don't know what's hit 'em...McQueen is just cool about everything, he doesn't lay the law down often enough.
McQueen had about 210 motorcyles, over 55 cars, five airplanes, and over ten thousand miscellaneous items. And he was a professional and successful racing driver off (and on) screen...
Clint is the man.... The Speghetti Westerns will live forever... Ask a homeless dude under a bridge, or a 75 year old Bastard in Rome, who was in A Fistfull of Dollars... They'll know the answer....

Ask about Bullit, and they'll say a Mustang... Ask about The Great Escape, and they'll say a BIG Ass Tunnel...

Steve WAS Cool.. Clint is the definition of the word Cool.....
My arse he is...

And the difference is that A fistful of dollars was a naff movie and Clint is the only redeeming feature and hes all thats worth remembering...

The Great Escape and Bullitt were great flms aith a great actor, and as such there are more things to remember...Bullitt makes me think of the Charger most, followed by McQueen DRIVING the Musting...The Great escaoe for me spells Motorbike chase.

McQueens best film IMO is Le Mans.
I think we can officially declare CCs opinion void for calling A Fistful of Dollars 'naff'. I know why he likes McQueen better, he's feminine and women don't like Clint because he's too manly. :lol:
It is naff, on the basis that all westerns are naff.

McQueen is not feminine...believe the word of the master 8) He wore the coolest watch ever as well. I dont wear a watch, but I pine for a Tag Heuer Monaco...


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