Me 410 weights for a range calculation

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    I am trying to do some range calculation on Me 410 but the widely different empty weights available throws everything i do into thin air.

    Of course a ladeplan document is better but i have never seen one about either Me210 or 410.

    Empty weights from 6150kg(less than Me210??) to 7500kg

    Calculation for 7500kg:
    +200 pilot+navigator
    +130 oil(2x70lit)
    +1760kg fuel(2x410+2x625+2x165lit)
    +220 or so ammunition(just a guess)
    +120 other stuff(just a guess)

    Total: 9932kg

    All up weight is generally said to be 10600kg so to put a 1000kg bomb or 2x500kg there i need to cut on fuel. Otherwise if it is the 6150kg i don't but i also don't believe that number.

    Also the range 2333km seems bit optimist for 2 engine aircraft at 0.754kg/km but that depends also on speed.

    That is also another question what is the Me 410 speed for that stated range?

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