Meanwhile, down at the Kim residence...

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Oct 12, 2011
Like an annoying sibling who feels like they are not getting enough attention, the DPRK is still building up its arsenal of WMDs...

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One could send over Trump to play with him ......
Don't know if you recall, but Jong was being a huge nuisance by shelling South Korean islands, flinging missiles all over and even threatening to nuke the U.S. 'til Trump went over there and had talks with him.
Up until now, that little fat bastard has been fairly quiet - not sure what was said during the talks, but it seemed to work.

This current crap coming out of North Korea is probably because the man-child is jealous and wants to play Army.

But again, I don't think he's paying attention to the beating that Russia is receiving and I'm pretty dang sure that the North Korean army is nowhere on a par with Russia's, so he should perhaps take it down a notch.
Kim is building up his nuclear forces as leverage on the global stage and to mark his position as a negotiator for the DPRK's continued way of life. The Kim dynasty won't fall by military action because he has strategic nuclear missiles, that's for sure, which is why he's doing this stuff. His standing army is numerically one of the largest in the world, but tactics wise, it is an unknown quantity, but is highly likely to be bereft of modern concepts and we know it is bereft of modern technologically advanced weapon systems. Nevertheless, he has strategic nuclear weapons, which makes the DPRK a threat to global peace. I suspect that he and his generals know the country could not last long in a modern combat environment, but lobbing a nuclear missile at Seoul and Tokyo gives his armed forces bite and that leverage he wants that conventional attacks certainly couldn't do.
I gotta say, I'm quite fascinated by the Kims and the DPRK. I came as close as two weeks from actually visiting Pyongyang, but for the detonation of a nuclear device in September 2017. I did however set foot in the DPRK, at the border within the Joint Security Area. I still would like to visit, just to see how they wish to portray themselves to the rest of the world. One day...

"North Korea, fellas..."


My first glimpse of a North Korean in his home habitat.


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