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Master Sergeant
Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Okay, to start off with, here are some pic of my recent holiday in Malta.


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For sure it is, but have anti-mosquito spray on stand-by though! I think that they have some kind of special stealth mode on the islands, because I never heard them coming.
Nice pics med did you see the Popeye village personally I think its a waste af a nice bay. I dont like to mention this Med but there appears to be two bits of string hanging from the bottom of your shorts ;)
There's a full crate of beer near the coast of Malta somewhere - I ask my dad to find out exactly where. Next person to go - be sure to take diving gear to recover it. Keep in mind it'll have been there since 1974 (if it hasn't been recovered already).

Great pictures, Med. The beer one was the best - for all the obvious reasons.
Hey, I'm not going to drink it. I want them to drink it for the exact reason that it doesn't age like wine. :lol:
A bit of news....

I've managed to swing an internship at the National Army Museum in London!

Bit of a surprise, since I applied for it with a 'Wadda I haf ta lose' view - guess they liked me!

Needless to say, I am like, well chuffed! I confirm all the details for it in the middle of next week. 8) 8) 8) :D
Not very glamourous I'm afraid - It's basically being an unpaid dogsbody in the museum.

However, it's a start, and I badly need to get started on this sort of stuff.
That should be fun, Med! Being a museum volunteer myself, I can tell you that a lot of the time it's pretty unglamorous (trash detail, sweeping floors, dusting cases, etc). But when you see the eyes of the children light up and see the folks take interest in what you are preserving, it's worth it. During the air show, I got a cut on my head and my hand crunched in a tow bar, both are funny but uninteresting stories. I wouldn't take anything back though.

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