Memorial fly past, great story

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Dec 3, 2008
Agree totally, and I can't think of anyone more deserving of an Honour in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.


Jun 22, 2016
Crew complement content post here earlier.

Flypast honors US bomber crew who died saving British kids - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum

Apologies, should have posted this crew content earlier to this forum. On the F-A-G web site my user name is Vindicator I

1st Lt John Glennon Kriegshauser and crew of B-17G 42-31322 'Mi Amigo', 364BS, 305BG, 8AF are remembered here:

John Glennon Kriegshauser | American Air Museum in Britain

Lt Kriegshauser:

B-17G 42-31322:

42-31322 | American Air Museum in Britain

Interestingly there is a MACR No. 15190 even tho this event occurred in the UK. For those with fold3 access:

Page 12295 Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII - Fold3

The other members of this crew are remembered in their individual F-A-G Memorials:

2nd Lt. Lyle J Curtis, Idaho Falls, co-pilot

2nd Lt. John W Humphrey, Wyoming, Illinois, navigator

2nd Lt. Melchor Hernandez, Los Angeles, bombardier

S/Sgt. Robert Mayfield, Raymond, Illinois, radio operator

Sgt. Vito R Ambrosio, Brooklyn, waist gunner

S/Sgt. Harry W Estabrooks, Mound Valley, Kansas, flight engineer and top turret gunner

Sgt. George M Williams, Faxon, Oklahoma, waist gunner

Sgt. Charles H Tuttle, Raceland, Kentucky, ball turret gunner

Sgt. Maurice Robbins, Manor, Texas, rear gunner
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