Memphis Belle Movie Mockup

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Sep 28, 2009
I recall that the B-17 fuselage built for filming the 1991 movie "Memphis Belle" was saved and taken on tour. The last place I heard it went to was Australia. Does anyone know where it is now?
This was used for all the interior shots of the crew interacting and was supposed to be completely accurate. I'd hate to think it was scrapped or sitting in a back alley somewheres.
Thanks Wildcat!
Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will traveling back to the USA. At least people are getting to see it.
Memphis Belle.


"The Memphis Belle," directed by William Wyler, is a tribute to the crew of the United States Air Force's 324th Squadron, 91st Heavy Bomber Unit, an airplane more familiarly known as the Memphis Belle. At the beginning of the film, the Belle's crew had successfully completed twenty-four missions in the toughest theater of the air war in Europe, flying bombing raids deep into Nazi territory. Cameras accompany the Belle on its twenty-fifth mission. If the crew returns with its mission accomplished, they will qualify for release from active duty, to be sent home as teachers and heroes.



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