Mercury Atlas Space Program. MC. Flight manuals, Photographs

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    Greetings Guys, Gals;

    Looks like another Monday morning ......... :confused: ......... At least the sun is out today ..... :)

    This will be the second part of the Mercury Space Program.

    At this time, in history, NASA and the US Air Force have a new toy to play with. They call it the
    Atlas ICBM. This is the States first Missile that had the range,
    if launched from the east coast of the United States, to drop it's warheads anywhere in the Russia.
    Yes, you are right. The Cold War is fixing to get rather hot. A few months from now we will be in
    the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. And, our two nations will be closer to having a Nuclear War
    than we have ever been. A lot of people do not relies how close we where.



    Today I am including two Mercury FFM's
    Several Photographs from the Mercury Atlas Space Program,
    and Launch Complex 12 14.



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