Meseerschmitt Me109G-2 Black 6 flips on landing, October 12, 1997

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Dec 17, 2004
Many of you have probably seen these pics but some of you may not have






Luftwaffe Annex - Warbirds Resource Group - Bf 109G-2 Trop "Black Six"
Black 6's final flight - October 12, 1997 Accident:

On October 12, 1997 the last German built, Daimler-Benz engined Bf 109 crashed while trying to make an emergency landing after developing engine problems at the Duxford Autumn Air Show. The pilot, Strike Command C-in-C Sir John Allison survived unscathed but the same cannot be said for Black 6. As the pictures show, Black 6 suffered significant damage and at present it's future is undecided though restoration to at least static display is almost guaranteed.
Black 6 was completing what was to be it's last flight to be permitted by the British Ministry Of Defence, the planes owners. Black 6 was seen to emit puffs of vapor - probably coolant - while performing a roll maneuver during it's final display. ACM Allison immediately lowered the gear and came in on a fast approach and touched down briefly on the runway before Allison was forced to pull up to avoid the M11 roadway. ACM Allison then proceeded to land Black 6 in a freshly ploughed field on the other side of the roadway. Black 6's landing gear sunk into the soft earth and flipped over.
Rescue crews were on hand immediately but were not permitted to cut ACM Allison out due to the pilot's insistance that the Gustav not be damaged further. It took the crews 45 minutes of digging before ACM Allison was able to emerge, luckily unhurt.
Restoration Team Leader Russ Snadden seemed optimistic about Black 6's potential to return to the sky and everyone is now waiting to hear the results of the AAIB inquiry and the MoD's final decision.
I was at the show when she crashed. What isn't mentioned is that the air authorities had only given her a limited airworthyness licence that ran out that day and had refused to extend it. This was because the owners couldn't prove how many hours she had before they started resoration.
In normal situations this doesn't really matter as you can zero hour the engine and airframe. The owners insisted that she had received the same care as any other aircraft but the authorities maintained that this was to be the last day she could fly.
Black 6 had already flown earlier in the day but they wanted one last flight before she was grounded and it was on that last flight that she came to grief.

I do believe that she was restored to static display but there is no point restoring her to flying condition, as the men in suits would still insist on the original conditions being fulfilled.

I may have some photo's of the display and will try and dig some out.
These were not taken on the day, I have found those but I need a different scanner, but I hope these will be of interest.


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It is probably for the best though. There are not to many of them left around.

There is another original Bf-109 that is flying now though. It was at an airshow here in Germany last year. I unfortuanatly missed the show.
That is probably the 109 in the second and third photo. I don't know where the 109 in the second photo came from as it wasn't a display day. I had gone to Duxford mid week to look around when they announced that a 109 that was in for work was flying home and that Black 6 would go up with it for a short display. They flew around for a short while and then the other one flew home and Black 6 came down.
The third photo clearly isn't black 6 as she had crashed some years before and looks to be the same plane that was with Black 6. What is interesting is they (to me) seem to be differing types of 109 but both a labled as being G2's. Any ideas would be welcome from anyone?
At the Johannesburg Military Museum they have a Bf-109 that looks exactly like this baby. She is on static display. I do not have pics of her though.
This site has a list of Me 109 restoration projects, some of which are aiming for airworthiness and Me 109s which are actually flying

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