Messerschmitt me-109 G-14/10 or K-4 in flight

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Jan 16, 2005
Does anyone know of/have contemporary photos of late 109s, with the erla hood, in flight? They seem to be quite rare. Thanks a bunch. 8)
Heheheehe! Thanks guys. I had contemporary photos in mind though 8)
That german site is extremely good. Too bad you can't save the pictures. Sorry ,i wasn't specific enough : Do you have any contemporary photos of late 109 s in flight? That's what i meant. :oops:
Just what i'm looking for Thanks-i've never seen a clear picture of a k-4 in flight. Must be because of the tough conditions in 1945.


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Those landings look a lot worse that what's perceived on the ground. When you have 2 miles of runway in front of you you have a different perspective of how much room you really have. in addition, even though its VFR, they are still using ILS as a reference, so there's no chance of them landing short, unless they're bloody idiots! :rolleyes:

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