Messerschmitt Me-262 Jet Fighter

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It was a promicing jet...the first of it's kind... but had it not made so many victims in it's early tests it would have entered mass production earlyer during the war and would have probably played an important role in the outcome of WW2... My respect to this beautiful dual-engine jetfighter/bomber... :)


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just so we don't break any rules of copyright your painting is from friend Jerry Crandall of Eagle-editions. Can tell you for one he would love to have his pics/painting credited. The 262's are from the Stab of JG 7 experimenting with the lousy Br 21 rocket mortar which were soon removed in favour and anticipation of the newer and more deadly R4M rocket
The bird is from 11th staffel and flown by an ace of III./JG 7. The a/c is in the hands of NASM and fitted with 24 R4M rockets, III. gruppe being the first to use the deadly cargo agaisnt US heavy bomber formations. The last pic is a series of 10 photos taken and used in the old book on Jet Planes of the 3rd Recih by Eddie Creek and J. Richard Smith.

Is almost a cliche to read that the P-51 Mustang can make his own against the Me-262 in the doghfight or strafing it in the take-off and landing aproach.

But off course the Me-262 can do a very quick pass over the allied fighters making good use of his very heavy armament.

for example, Walther Schuck shoot down two P-51s in his first sortie with the less than a minute

My 2 cents on the topic: this is apicture of probably the first prototype, when the bird was still a tailsitter.
It comes from the basement of my wife's parent house near Guenzburg, where the Me test airfield was located for some time.
I think it was never released on the net.



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Yes, but not before september: I have the full size pic in my backup HD at home. What I have 'full size' on the laptop are some pics of the Me323 gigant taken at the same airfield, but we are off-topic...

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