Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Weekend Pictures

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Jeff Hunt

1st Lieutenant
Jul 20, 2012
Guelph Ontario Canada
Hey boys just got home an hour ago from a pretty good weekend. Lets get the show started with the longest running restoration I know of off of the top of my head. Plenty of visible progress on the P-61. They painted her. Looks real nice from a back abit but up close there appears to overstressed aluminum work and the paint is poorly applied. Makes one think that perhaps they felt a need to show progress in order to keep the cash flowing. They are doing their best but this is a job for a professional warbird restoration team.

IMG_0001 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0002 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0105 - Copy.JPG


I know it wasnt the best, but boy,

She is a looker. Sweet sweet lines.

Its a slight table below my girl FiFi but still worth a fight with the boss about costs about seeing her when just a bit nearer.

I hate it when work on her isnt what such a pretty plane deserves. Slinging on paint.

But i know it costs more then a new universe to even get to this stage.

So keep the pictures comming.

Stirr up interest.
It deserves that.

Thank you.
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Last Saturday night was the annual Night Shoot at the MAAM WW2 Weekend. This year's participating aircraft were a TBM, a Kate replica and a C-53 Dakota. Here are a few cellphone videos of the runs!


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