MiG-17 Flight Manual (in Russian)

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Nov 15, 2006
I know this is a post-WW2 fighter, but I thought you guys would appreciate this manual. You will need DJVU Viewer to read the file.

Enjoy :)


  • MiG-17 Pilots Manual.rar
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I saw the Mig-17 manual posted - very nice! I guess one could translate it with Google translate if one had the time. But if there is a english one floating around that would be nice!
breadroll you have just made one of my dreams come true :D thanks
Thank you!
This book isn't Pilot's manual. This is an " Aircraft MiG-17, Technical description, book 1, Flight characteristics of the aircraft". Full set of the Technical description does consist of four books. Another ones are "Armament of the aircraft", "The design of the aircraft", and "Special equipment of the aircraft".

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