Mig 3 - WIP

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Jun 15, 2005
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Just for a change, I thought I'd post a Work In Progress, hope you like it so far:

Not being a prat Clave, they are outstanding pieces of artwork.

The red star stands away from the fuselage, especialy on the green. Does it need the blending to the contours of the fusleage that the rest of the body has?

Look at the star on the tail. It has the outline but not the shadow. The eye gets tricked by the outline, the body star lacks the curvature effect given to the rest of the body.

once again, not nickpicking, just a thought. They are outstanding.
I like them even if they need some corrections :D .I have to try to make my own profiles :idea: .
This is a good work Clave as usual :thumbleft: .
I would like to ask you a question about the a/c with the winter camo.Does the profile present W.Matakow's "Red 8" from 27th IAP/6th IAK POW of Moscow winter 1941/42? If yes,the a/c should have the spinner red painted,the "8" number should be different in shape and the horizontal axis of the red star on the fuselage should be paraller to upper edge of the fuselage then to the main axis of the plane.
Clave, you are pretty good at this :thumbleft: .The speckled profile is one of these I like the most.It looks like a MiG-3 from 148 IAP in 1942.I've found a similar profile of the a/c in a book about MiG's.A small difference between them is that the specles around the stars( i mean on the fuselage and the fin+rudder ) don't "touch" them and as a result, the red stars look like they have a light-grey border.

BTW Could you make the exchausts much more rusty?I think they would look better.

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