Missing Mystery Pilot Of 2017 'Pilotless' Crash May Have Been Found

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Given the crazy, stupid, "There I Was" columns that I've read, falling out of the airplane is possible. Door isn't latched properly, turns around to get something out of back seat, it falls to the floor, now on knees, body over back seat, grabs it, pushes back over into the front seat but slips, hits door, wild windmilling and falls out. More ridiculous things have happened.
A Chinese news dated October 7, 2017 reported -

"The police believe that Rong Xin jumped off the plane ahead of time before the crash . More than six months have passed, but Rong Xin's whereabouts are still unknown, and the police have not found his body. Last month, Rongxin's widow applied to the court for a ruling that he was dead so that his family can handle inheritance and insurance matters.

On October 5th, Judge Julia Owdziej of Washtenau County, Michigan, formally signed the decree announcing that 27-year-old Rong Xin had been killed in an airplane accident.

According to the data, Rong Xin is from Changchun, China . He graduated from Tsinghua University, China in 2011, majoring in automation, and then enrolled in the School of Information at the University of Michigan to pursue a doctorate degree in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction."

In the case of Japanese, for example, they do not give up searching for their family member(s) for a few years before giving up.
Is 6 month enough in the US?


Source: 跳飞机失踪华裔博士 正式被宣布死亡(图) - 美国社会 -
This reminds me of something that Gordan Baxter wrote. He said there was a way to relieve yourself while driving that did not involve stopping the car. You needed a long straight stretch of rural road with minimal traffic. You open the car door, unfasten the seat belt, rotate toward the left, and the airflow will ensure that the stream of urine is carried out and away from the car. But he cautioned that you need to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, lest you be found with your pants down in the middle of the road while your car has wrecked some miles away, with no explanation of what occurred.

So maybe Rong really needed to take a whiz.

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