Monty Python!

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Desert Fox

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Jan 15, 2006
Great Southern Land
This is nothing more than a blatant advert for my new, and first, forum. Its all about Monty Python, the television series and the movies.
Its only new, and at the moment I have only 4 members, all of them being my friends. So, in order to raise awareness of my new forum, I thought I'd advert it here first. The link is below:

The Wainscotting :: Index

In case you're wondering where the name of the site comes from, it is the title of one of my favourite Python sketches.

Hope to see some of you there!
That's not a horse! You're banging two coconuts together. Where did you get two coconuts, anyway?

A sparrow.

A SPARROW!! In Mesapotamia!! There are no sparrows in Mesapotamia. How would he have gripped it?

By the husk!
"I fart in your general direction"

Frenchmen with a large pintle hat forms a rasberry over his mouth and blows.

:lol: Forgot about that one.

How about Sir Galahad caught by the 100 virgins.

"As punishment, you must perform cuninlingus upon the lot of us"

...and upon being saved -

"Fear not Sir Galahad, for I have come to save you!"

"Go away!"

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