Most dangerous job in the world

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Interesting.It seems that if you work on an aircraft carrier you have to be faster than a lightning.A documentary on this has been showed on the Discovery channel recently.
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try being involved in Mountain rescue in the winter, well below 0F and 100 mph winds while traversing over 14,000 feet high on a knife-edge ridge
When I was back in the states the last time I was watching that show about the crab fishing. It was called "The most dangerous Catch" I think. It was quite interesting.
a mtn guide or in the guide service has nothing to do with the military/commercial undertaking. in fact I was in co-habitat with a friend for years amdist playing elsewhere in the world for many years, and did I use this training for military.......... ~

it's a wonder I couldn't get insurance coverage for myslef/wife at the time
I did not think it was that bad in DC. Me and my wife never had a problem walking around at night or anything. We probably did not go into the bad parts I guess but whereever we went it was extremely friendly and we never felt unsafe.
It's only in the SE part of the district. Most other areas are relatively safe. The SE is like watching a cops episode. And most certainly, a clean cut white gentemen with a blond wife would not be caught dead walking around down there after dark. Not racist, just facts.

I used to stay on the very outskirts of the SE part of the district on 2nd and C street next to the Library of Congress. On more than one occasion, the MANY private security guards would go out of their way and warn me not to stand outside while I was attempting to get some fresh air or smoking a cigar. And the handfull of times I stayed forther in, literally crack dealers and cops jumping out of unmarked cars was a nightly event. Sad really for the capitol of such a great nation.
is there anything climbable in SE D.C. ?

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