Multi engined Breda's

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    During the twenties and thirties the Breda factory designed and build some multi engined bombers/airliners, these did not come further than prototypes.
    It concerns the:
    A.3 a biplane bomber, 4 engines;
    A.8 a biplane bomber, 2 engines;
    A.14 a biplane bomber also build or rebuild in an airliner, 3 engines;
    CC.20 a monoplane bomber, 2 engines;
    Ba.32 a monoplane airliner, 3 engines;
    Ba.46 a monoplane bomber, 3 engines.

    Now I am interrested in the following information/materials?

    A.14 a three-view drawing:
    A.3/A.8/A.14 drawings/pictures which gives an impression of the fuselage and wing constructions and how the insite looks also the cabin of the civil A.14
    CC.20 a three-view drawing and drawings/pictures which gives an impression of the fuselage and wing construction.
    Ba.32: of this type there are pictures of the I-SEBM, and its known that it was gone in June 1932 to the Ministero Aeronautica and it was powered by P and W Wasp Junior. Further history unknown.
    Who knows more?
    Further there was a serial I-ADDB registered 3-12-34 to SAI, Torino and it was gone to Militar Aviation Augus 1935, it should have Fiat engines further hostory unknown.
    Who knows more?
    I also found that a Ba.32 should had the German serial D-OEBM?
    Which of these two aeroplane was it?
    Ba.46 a three view drawing.

    Further I am interrested in pictures (quality is not important) which shows these aeroplanes or parts of it and how and in which colors it was painted.

    I know its a long list, but each detail is welcome?


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