Murray Walker on ITV Oz GP 97

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Apr 6, 2005
I found this old tape the other day which has a recording of UK ITV's very first F1 race, Oz 97. Blimey is that long ago? So I made this clip for those who miss Murray's excellent commentating. Maybe also for those who never saw / heard him in action.


  • f1_oz_97_itv_first_prog_195.wmv
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And we all know that Coulthard won that race 8) Dont we?

Murray was great. He's still soldiering on though, looking as young as ever 8) Martin Brundle, as an ex-F1 driver is a good commentator, but James Allen is a tit. :lol: Bring back Murray I say.

I think the ITV now provides good F1 coverage - I never really saw the BBC footage though, except for brief moments on videos. The only thing that annoys me is the adverts.

Nice clip though, that was the first F1 race I watched in full and I watched pretty much every race since. Shame that was the last interesting season though. (Ok Hakkinen provided excitement in '98 and '99 but its been Ferrari domination ever since)
Umm...this season is pretty interesting - 5 wins for Alonso in the Renault, who is now leading the championship - 24 points ahead of Raikkonen, and 29 points ahead of Schumacher...
One of the world's most exciting tace tracks is Spa.

Watch how it is done byt this year's winner... Large and small again.


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Well Alonso did it! 8)

With two races left, nobody can catch him, so he is the youngest ever World Champion.

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