Mustang flights of fancy discussion.

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Nov 3, 2022
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Over at Secret Projects, I did find a couple of illustrations of P-51 Mustang based projects, and one that got built (as a one off just after VE day).

One is a an illustration of a trainer that seems to be based off the P-51H, the second seems to be an early design for the F-82 Twin Mustang (note that it's a single seater), and the final is an actual photograph that can be found at the Imperial War Museum's site of a P-51D that was converted into a two seat night fighter, for what purpose, I don't know, however.

Now, what purpose could these aircraft serve during World War II proper, and what roles/how useful in those roles could they have been?

2 seat P51_edited-1.jpg


The Mustang named “The Stars Look Down” comes to mind. The first and third pictures look like a better version of the concept.
The middle one just looks cool.
The artists impression seems to have a fuselage gun, plus one in each wing plus provision for rockets.

The 2 seater TP-51D 44-84610/84611 and 45-11443/11450, 6 accepted in July and 4 in August 1945. According to the USAAF delivery logs while only P-51M 45-11743 was accepted, 45-11744 to 794 and 45-11838 to 50 and 45-11893 were completed, the stage before acceptance, the interest is 45-11893 is marked as TP-51M. As the T says the two seaters would be trainers, it would seem there was at least a plan to have some for trials.

Why the 4th Fighter Group needed a night fighter is unclear.
If you look at that photo, there's antenna that US night fighters (such as the P-61 and P-38M) used mounted on the wings.

Post #86 from this link on Secret Projects has some more info, but not much on the reasoning behind it's creation, though aside from the addition of radar, the conversion was basically the same as other two seat P-51Ds and one currently airworthy P-51H (basically remove the rear fuel tank, put a seat there, etc).


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