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Jan 18, 2007
In the bleak Mojave des.
Here a couple of kits I created and manufacture, I know its an aircraft forum, but soon I will have some aircraft conversions to ad to these.
The first is a1/8th scale Micheal Wittman the other a 1/9th SS sapper.
I made this figur last year:

Oberleutnant, 3rd Light Infantry Regiment 1917 from Young Miniatures.

Bullo Loris
Yes, It's very hard, I made this figure +/- in 3 days.

Bullo Loris
I'm wonder if the rest of his body under the uniform looks also great. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hey, Man! those figures are fantastic!! I whipped up a couple of figures the other day to add to a Jagdtiger model I finished for a friend, wish they had have come out like these you have posted. I guess they are not too bad for a first effort,see below...


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Netsailor, your figures look great! My figures came from a King Tiger kit that had them in the box as 'extras', there were 2 different sets of 4 figures so I took the liberty of using a couple with the Jagdtiger.The model leaves for the US of A tomorrow, packed away in a suitcase.
This figures are made by Dragon (1/35) in 1999:

1) Number 6113

2) Number 6143

I bought this, very very nice.

Bullo Loris
What do you think?

(made by my brother)

Bullo Loris

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