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    I'm not sure what to place here, so I'll start with a general statement of my work on the internet.-Ron Price, Tasmania, Australia:arrow:
    My literary activity on the world-wide-web is a personal and quite industrious enterprize. When I can find the time I am engaged in creating across this global internet a tapestry of poetry and prose. At this site, readers will find one of my many journals, diaries or blogs. These various terms are used by various internet sites for a series of posts by one writer/author. The series of posts at this site is one of the many parts of this tapestry of prose and poetry I refer to above.

    This literary creation, this literary industry, has been created in the early evening of my life, in the last years of my middle age(56-59) and the first years of my late adulthood(60-64), by a retired teacher and lecturer who is now 64. He attempts to endow many a theme from the social sciences and humanities, from spiritual and secular subjects, with many layers of meaning. He tries to combine a high seriousness with a light and humorous style when appropriate. This literary goal is difficult to achieve and has been a slowly evolving ambition since settling into Australian society in the 1970s after moving from Canada where I was born in 1944.:idea:
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