Mystery Aircraft

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Dec 11, 2006
Hi there

For my first I would like to ask a favour. I am trying to locate an airfix model which I built as a boy, but cannot for the life of me remember the name of. The aircraft is British, I believe came out towards the end of the war. It is a T tailed, low wing monoplane with a low wing configuration, twin engined and (I think) a bubble cockpit above a thin fusilage.

Can anyone help me out with the name, and if possible the spec of the aircraft.

many thanks
hows this westland whirlwind


  • whirlwind-color.jpg
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Any idea of spec, history or pilots experiences - or where I could find out about it

Many thanks
Here are some rare ones for you


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  • FA_18165s.jpg
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nice pics! beautiful plane. Always liked the Whirlwind. Shame about the engines...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but were there rather severe stability problems with this bird? And didn't it also suffer from severe mach tuck during dives?
It had some tail flutter that was cured by that odd arrangement with the
intersection of horizontal stab and fin. Still, just sitting between those
lovely RR engines must have been sweet - kind of a girly F7F Tigercat
(sorry, not meant in an ugly way).
C'mon. Looks like a cowboy riding rigid on a mean bull. The plane looks marvelous, but the perpendicular lines are counterintuitive to a streamlined airplane. That cowboy is never gonna make the run...

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