Mystery man throws his money away... literally!

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Nov 9, 2005
Aberystwyth, mid Wales- A town-centre scrum erupted when a mystery man hurled what is thought to be thousands of pounds in the air.
Passers-by dashed across the street to fill their pockets after he shouted: 'Who wants free money?'
People were seen scurrying to pick up the bank notes - some on their hands and knees - at the pedestrian crossing in Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth.:lol:


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Id be atop a cherry picker, that way they couldnt beat me and i could look down upon them as I lord it over them ;)
I would drop it from a plane, preferably a bomber :)

Apparently the guy was arrested and the police told everyone to give the money back, killjoys.
oh yeah 'cos that wont get you arrested ;) besides you've gotta come down sometime, and the people will be there, waiting for you, if they haven't tipped it over by then.........

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