Mystery Recon A/C, Can You ID?

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Aug 4, 2006
I have no pics, but i saw this 2 seater 1930s-40s radial engine open cockpit fabric-covered biplane on display at the Musee des 3 Guerres in Diors, France, near La Martinerie airfield, where it was captured used by the Maquis in 1944.

It had 2 coaxial MGs for the observer a generator fan between the main gear struts.

No one has been able to tell me what this plane might be. I've seen many pics of German recon types but they don't look like this. Maybe French?
Is it the fan in between the struts or the propellor. There was a plane designed with the Propellor between the pilot seat and the observers. I forget what it was called.
The only thing I know with the prop between the pilot and the gunner was the British RAE 'Pulpit'

Luckily for the gunner cetgory was immediately abandoned...

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