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Apr 9, 2022
Howdy from Texas,

Old Monogram/Revell FW-190A kit red 'H'.

Box Art- 190a.png


Trying to find an artist rendition or a photo.

I build and hang (from ceiling) in my high school World History-Advanced classroom. I try to tie each plane to the actual pilot and WW2 photo (if I can find one). Struggling to find this plane, art, or WW2 photo.

Any help would be appreciated,

YouTube video explaining my project:
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Howdy from Texas,

Old Monogram/Revell FW-190A kit red 'H'.

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Trying to find an artist rendition or a photo.

I'm sure you know that the top boxes of the two kits show two different variants of the Wurger. What is more the Monogram top box presents the Fw 190 with two underwing 300l fuel tanks but not with the underwing cannon gondolas/containers. Judging by the markings both Fw 190s belonged to the 6./SchG 1. There is a couple of shots with the unit planes wearing the kind of markings. Unfortunately none of them is of the Fw 190 marked with the "H". It is said that August Lambert flown the "H" kite as well.





the source: Fw 190s Schlachtgeschwader 1 Ltn. Stollnberger Deblin-Irina
It's possible / probable that the fourth aircraft in line, in the last photo posted above, is "H", as the aircraft seem to be lined-up in alphabetical order, no doubt for publicity purposes for "Signal" magazine.
From what I remember of this kit from 50+ years ago, there were a number of alternative parts for underwing / fuselage stores, allowing a "generic" model to be built. Of course, aftermarket decals will be available to allow different aircraft to be portrayed, from this or other units.
Actually both the kits are the same set released by the Monogram in 1965. According to net sources it allows to assemble ...

FW-190A-5/U8 - with long range tanks and a centerline bomb
FW-190A-5/U3 - with centerline bomb, underwing bombs, and tropical air filters
FW-190A-6/R2 - with three 550 lb bombs
FW-190A-7/R3 - with centerline fueltank
FW-190A-7/R2 - basic "fighter" version
FW-190A-8/R1 - bomber destroyer, with two underwing 2x20mm cannon gondolas
FW-190A-8/R3 - formation destroyer, with two underwing 30mm cannon gondolas
Thank you gentleman! I always say most modelers are great amateur historians. I am using this "project" as a part of my class..,I have become rabid about finding actually photos of the planes (and the actual pilots). I know this one is a "generic" representation. But, you guys got me a little closer to bringing it to life. Those of you who responded…I give you my thanks. Please, if you have time, take a look at my YouTube video and Google drive link to the slide show presentation. I am always trying to improve it and find another good picture/graphic/artistic representation to throw into it.

FYI: I did some touch up recently to get it a little closer to the box art. I am a decent modeler, not the absolute pro most are. I am attaching a couple photos.

Chris "Coach" Collins @ A&M Consolidated HS- College Station, TX


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