Need info on 414th NFS Black Widows

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Sep 28, 2006
Hello all,

I used to live next door to a late Lt. Wayne Dohrman, USAAF 414th NFS Black Widow Pilot ETO. He sent me a picture a while back of him posing against 'Doubtful Doris'. Does anyone know about this a/c (serial # etc). Also, is there any other information that can be shared regarding the 414th in the ETO?

first if you would plese give me your first name and second can you place an image of the said P-51.

you are aware of the unit or part of it served alongside the top scoring P-51 ETO squad, the 422nd correct ? I had friends in the 422 and the 425th but they have since passed away.

My name is Chaz Adams and I reside in Vancouver, WA. Lt. Dohrman was my neighbor some 20 years ago in PA. He sent me a sticker called the 'Black Cats' and here is a pic without serial or tail number available.


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funny I have seen this pic, a great shot. I have chatted with pilot Bolinder before he passed on some years ago. Good to meet you Chaz, will look for some info hidden in the 422nd files with the 414th nfs taking on missions especially during the Ardenne battles. I was a friend of the US night fighter association before it's demise for some years ...........

Chaz :

Still looking for the man in my data base. Nothing so far; a detachment from the 414th nfs joined the 422nd nfs on January 27, 1945.

Hi !!!
In a book about P-61 ( TBU no.101 ) I've found very limited info on the 414 NFS.The squadron was equipped with P-61s in April 1945.Before this, 414NFS had been used Beaufighters.The unit was moved to Belgium from Italy and was a part of the 12AF.
ah not quite correct. P-61's came to the unit in December of 44 and a small detachment went to Europe alongside the 422nd nfs in Belgium. The rest of the 414th nfs stayed in Italy
I have several handwritten letters from about ten years ago. I'd have to dig them out from a box somewhere. Anyway, I do know that Dorhman in particular did fly the Beaufighter, Black Widow, and I believe either the A-20 or A-26. Have to check on that last one. I would really like to create a 1:48 scale model with his a/c markings if possible. That's why I ask for photos and such...Thanks again
ah not quite correct. P-61's came to the unit in December of 44 and a small detachment went to Europe alongside the 422nd nfs in Belgium. The rest of the 414th nfs stayed in Italy

Thanks a lot Erich.My book is quite old one.Therefore your info is more accurate. :D
Interesting.What is on the microfische?

Of the ones I've seen, they usually contain the operational record for each time frame (usually every six months), the medical report of the squadron's flight doc, sometimes a maintenance summary, and other reports generated by/about the unit. Each squadron had to give an additional duty to, usually, but not always, one of the junior officers as 'squadron historian.' His report, which usually included what I described above, then went to higher HQ for collation and eventual shipment back to the States.

Many of those unit histories reside in the USAF Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, AL.

This is still done today in the USAF. The documents are gathered by the base or wing historian; a base annual history is produced, then the records are shipped to Maxwell.
quite right ! sorry about that.
( i ment i have the book)


There was a all night fighter reunion in September 2007 at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum. MAAM has recovered from a crash site in New Guenia (sp?) and is slowly restoring it to, hopefully, airworthiness.

The fuselage up to the booms is up and in its gear. It served as the backdrop for the event. There were vets and/or family members from many of the US NFS as well as stories sent in from those too frail or far away to attend.

I have been asked to compile the stories and memories into a pamphlet from the event. There was one 414th member present, a pilot from Arizona. I don't want to give his name without his permission.

But is was a great thing to witness and talk to the aircrew and ground crews from the various squadrons.
Hello to the list here and this topic caught my eye. My dad was a member of both the 414th and 416 NFS. At times I know he flew the Mosquito, the Beaufighter and the P-61 briefly. He was a member of the Night Fighter Association until he passed in '92 and attended a convention or two. He was based in Italy I know. He was very fond of the Mosquito and Beaufighter but not the P-61 due to its blinding cannon flash that destroyed their night vision. His name is Howard S. Wilkins

Joel Wilkins
Thanks for your help. My e-mail address is [email protected]. If anyone would like to e-mail me any information that you have. Once enough info is collected a documentary video will be produced. Thanks to all of you who have responded so far. 414 Night Fighter Squadron Be sure and visit the blog for new photos and updates


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