Never Moderate While Drunk.

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
You may notice that a couple of threads are missing. Well you can blame me for that, because it seems that I couldn't tell the difference between the "Move" and "Delete" tabs just a minute ago. #-o

I apologize to the folks who were interested in those threads, especially plan_D and schwarzpanzer. Just start them up again, and I swear I'll keep my grubby mitts away from the Mod panel when I'm drinking from now on. Sorry boys. :oops:
You deleted the thread where I admitted I was wrong! Sweet. It's fine. I can understand, you had to drink.
Yeah, again I'm sorry. I had the bright idea that I'd move a couple of the polls to the poll forum, and the ol' vision was a bit doubled, and I zigged when I should've zagged, and...well you know how it is. :rolleyes:

Like I said, just start them going again here in WW2 General. I'll leave 'em alone.
Are you:

A) Buzzed
B) Feeling no pain
C) Half pissed
D) Completely hammered
E) So polluted you might wake up on the roof of the Legion with no clothes, a big gay teddy bear tattooed on your left ass cheek, and covered in bird sh*t.

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