New additions to the books section and Amazon links

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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA

Author's Section

We have opened up the ability for author's to submit their works for review and community discussion. They will have special access to the submit their works here. Them submission will go live after review by the mod team. We hope this addition will add to the depth of knowledge already amassed within this site.

Author's self-created works submission

Book suggestions

In addition to the above, we have introduced a book suggestion section. This will allow users to reach out the community for help. Users can reply to the request with solutions or ask thread starter to clarify what they are seeking. This is a special forum that will allow upvoting of replies to increase their visibility.

Help me find a book?

Amazon linking

The special section for authors and community sourced book suggestion is a start to our work in cleaning up the books section. As part of these changes we are allowing the posting of items via Amazon. This site is an Amazon affiliate and thus will receive a small commission on linked sales. This little bit helps cover the costs of maintaining the site.

With that we hope you find the new sections useful and as always you can reach out to us in the Website section
Good stuff!. I do know a few guys have there own blogs websites. Perhaps there can be a heads up page for updates on those pages? Just a head hunting line of intrest.
Traffic will be the same but it can and i think will enhance discussions or questions here.

The book guys i hope the will get in and see an audience dedicated to ww2 subject and see ample opportunity to adress the many many people reading this site. Most if not all deserve their work to at least be noticed.

Hope it will pan out.

Thanks horseUSA

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