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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
As you can probably tell(for the old guys), the site has changed......
Ok breathe again..Good!

Now nothing was lost with the change, and the reasons behind the change are long and boring for the most part. But, the best part is that the new setup will allow for greater expansion on your requests for features, and easier administration of the forums and content. So please enjoy the new setup, and tell your friends about it :D.

Ohh yea, I am sure there are some things that did not come out right, so please note them so that they may be fixed.

Again I hope you enjoy the setup, and If you are having trouble please don't hesitate to ask.

Some Things you should check:
Check your UserCP and make sure that the time is correct for your location

Aircraft of World War II
i like the new layout, it might take a while to get used to though, but yes the smilies would be nice, also the qoute tags in the quick reply area, cheers for changing it though...........
Yeah, thanks Horse for your work. I'm currently workin¨on a possible logo, that we could use instead of that "filux" (or others).

The smileys still don't work properly + I 'and as I can see also others) can appreciate them in the quick reply...

Thanks thumbs up!
Thanks for the work Horse. Site looks good, I think it will be a good change. First thing I noticed though is that I no longer get new post notifications in my email.
Okay I got that figured that, it is just new, will have to get used to the site. For those that have not figured that out and want the feature, the option is in the advanced reply and lets you choose whether you want an immediate, daily, or weekly notification.
interesting as you are now using a familiar format to me horse, something like LEMB and the TOCH avaition boards. it is ver positive, like the colour some of the graphics I am going to have to get used to

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