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Hi everyone

New member doing some research and these forums are always great resources. I've belonged to several diecast and model building forums and their reincarnations as host services change or pulled the plug on us over the years. I have a collection of diecast and built kits, some prints and a library of WW1 and WW2 aviation books collected since I was a kid. Officially retired now. Enjoy doing the research on aircrew and the aircraft in my collection as it takes lots of time on really hot or freezing days when you can't get out.

Will surf around some more. I was looking for informaton on Karl-Heinz Hoffmann. JV44 Fw109D pilot. I have a Carousel 1 1/48 diecast model I recently acquired and wanted to put together a profile on the D-11 model and the pilot. Nothing about him to be found on the internet. He was a instructor with III/EJ2 at Lechfeld before being tapped to join JV44 and its protection flight. Carousel 1 aircraft came with a card with a pilots picture ( like those old WW1 Sanke cards) and a brief thumbnail history. His card has misinformation that he and the co of this section Heinz Scahsenberg were part of JG26 . I can find no evidence of this. He may have been part of JG52 .

Anyone have any info on this man?


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Thanks gentlemen

Our Herr Hofmann seems to be a ghost. This is the only Karl Heinz on the list but they can be incomplete ( I looked for Heinz-KArl and all the other Hofmanns) and he does not apear to be our man. Supposedly he was with EJ2 and came over with Saschenberg as they had some sort of link. But Saschenberg was only with JG52 and a short stint with JG7 ......

HOFMANN, Karl-Heinz von. (DOB: 19.09.05 in Hausmarck/Westph.). (i.G.). (DKG). 01.05.25 entered service with the Reichsheer (Kavallerie). 01.10.33 trf to the Luftwaffe and ordered to Fliegerschule Braunschweig for Beobachter training. 01.03.34 navigation training at Flugfunkschule d. Reichsamts f. Flugsicherung (to 31.05.34). 01.06.34 trf to Grosse KFS Lechfeld. 01.09.34 Beobachter training with DLH. 01.10.34 trf to KG 154 (Fassberg) as a Beobachter. 01.04.35 appt Adjutant in Stab/Fliegergruppe Gotha. 12.03.36 appt Adjutant in Stab/KG 253 (Gotha). 01.07.37 appt Staka in KG 253. 22.04.38 attended Höh. Lw.-Schule (6. Lehrgang) (to 30.07.38). 01.05.39 appt Ic in Stab/Luftflotte 2. 15.08.39 Hptm., trf from Stab/Luftflotte 2 to Stab/Fliegerdivision 5 and appt temporary Ic. 11.39 appt permanent Ic/5. Fliegerdivision (to 31.12.39). 01.01.40 appt Ia op in Stab/IV. Fliegerkorps. 15.10.40 Generalstab training at the Luftkriegsakademie Berlin-Gatow (3. Kurz-Lehrgang) (to 15.02.41). 16.02.41 appt Generalstabsoffizier in Stab/LKA Berlin-Gatow. 21.06.41 temporary duty as Verb.Offz. (to an unspecified Armee) beim Generalkommando II. Fliegerkorps. 15.08.41 trf into the Generalstab d.Lw. 07.03.42 appt Ia in Stab/Lw.-Div. Meindl. 24.09.42 appt provisional Chef d.Genst./XIII. Fliegerkorps. [10.42 appt Ch.d.Genst./I. Lw.- Version: April 2021 Send feedback to: [email protected] Career Summaries - Luftwaffe Officers 1935 - 1945 Section G - K Feldkorps]? 01.02.43 appt permanent Chef d.Genst./XIII. Fliegerkorps (to 23.08.43). 01.03.43 promo to Obstlt. 24.08.43 appt Ch.d.Genst./II. Lw.-Feldkorps. 10.12.43 appt provisional Ch.d.Genst./I. Fallschirmkorps (to 02.45). 15.01.44 trf to Stab/I. Fschkorps as permanent Ch.d.Genst. 01.05.44 promo to Oberst. 01.01.45 Oberst, awarded DKG, I. Fsch.Korps. 01.03.45 appt acting Kdr. 10. Fsch.Jg.Div. (to 10.03.45). 05.05.45 Oberst, Kdr. Fsch.Jg.Rgt. 9. [note: possible confusion with Hellmuth von Hoffmann although our notes do not actually conflict]


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Yes that one I posted was the ony Karl -Heiz listed and it was obviously not him. Most of these lists are incomplete. Other than he was with III/EJ2 at Lechfeld, that is all I can find. He is not on a list of Knight Cross holders. It may well be that he was in that training unit for the entire war, got to be known by Sachsenberg and others as they trained Novotnys and JG7 pilots there and was asked to join the base protection squadron. He would have been an excellent pilot but one has to wonder about his combat skills. Ospreys Jagdverband 44 devotes a few pages about the unit, nothing more on Hofmann. The unit was only active less than 1 full week at best. Those D models with the wing marking being a real draw for model makers .

When American tanks rolled in to Salzberg the 262's were blown up by Krupinnski and the crews for the most part surrrendered , some tried to flee. Sachsenberg and his unit were among those. They and loaded up a truck with gear and supplies only to have a tank blow it apart before they could leave. There is a comment they made it to the main base and from there went off on teor own. Nothing more is heard from them other than Sachsenberg dies in the early 50's from complications of his earlier wounds. There are several prints depicting this unit but they are all signed by other aces for the signature market . These guys just went back home and got on with life. Wübke died in a plane crash in South America in the early 1950s is the only other snippet of information I can find. Hauptmann Waldemar Wübke regularly flew the Fw190D-9 coded “Rot 3” (Red 3). Wübke painted his personal emblem on the port side of the fuselage under the cockpit of his aircraft; the words “Im Auftrage der Reichsbahn” ("In service of the Reich Railway") in white lettering. This was a sarcastic reference to Wübke's loathing of fighter-bomber missions, many of which he was forced to undertake in his early career as a combat pilot. In his opinion trains were better used to carry bombs, not fighter aircraft. Still lookinig for info on Klaus Faber and Hofmann
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Waldemar Wübke
I've found several reference to his flying for Avianca out of Bogata Columbia. Avianca had German roots so this makes sense that post war he went there.

An article supposedly in JAger Blatt quotes .. Waldemar Wübke had a serious plane crash May 1st, 1963, resulting from an attempted emergency landing in low/no visibility conditions outside Medellin, Colombia. He was flying 8 passengers, all of them basically thrown clear of the wreckage after the crash. No records of this in the Avianca records I could find. I wonder if he was flying for them or someone else at the time. Wübke broke his right ellbow and spine, and was seriously affected from lying at the crash site for 30 hours. Initially, he recovered well but eventually suffered pneumonia and finally died July 3rd. No word on where he is buried. I was hoping to find links to the other two men via him but no luck so far.

JAger Blatt is this anywhere on line ?

finally found the crash data . he was flying a Beaver. To go from Connies to this?

Date & Time: May 1, 1963
Type of aircraft:
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

Flight Phase:
Flight Type:
Scheduled Revenue Flight
Plain, Valley
Medellín – Turbo

South America
Crew on board:
Crew fatalities:
Pax on board:
Pax fatalities:
Other fatalities:
Total fatalities:
Six minutes after takeoff from Medellín-Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, the pilot encountered technical problems with the engine. He lost control of the aircraft that crashed in Montegrande, some 30 km north of Medellín. Three passengers were killed while six other occupants were injured. The aircraft was destroyed.
Probable cause:
Engine failure.
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Mar 26, 2007
If it was an officer Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries
Lt. Karl-Heinz Hofmann, Hptm. Klaus Faber (2 v.), Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg and Hptm. Waldemar Wübke (15~ v.). Photo was taken at Ainring on 1 May 1945
so he was a lt and there was no von
I went through my copy of Boehme's great book on JG7 and while III/EJ2 gets mention, never a word on Hoffman. However many of the pilots who eventually joined JV44 were in or through this unit. I wonder if he was a non com and promoted near wars end but the records being the condition they were in during the final months of the war don't reflect anything of his officer status. Is there a non commissioned officers listing perhaps?

Also .... JAger Blatt is this anywhere on line ? It seems to be a source of keeping up with ex Luftwaffe aircrew as it had Wubke loss listed.
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From a document in the Luftflotte 6 war diary listing Jagdverband 44 personnel:

Hptm. Wübke came from II./J.G. 101
Oblt. Faber came from General der Jagdflieger
Lt. Hofmann came from II./E.J.G. 2
Lt. Sachsenberg came from II./J.G. 52

From Jägerblatt, Karl-Heinz Hofmann was born on 4 January 1920, and it is mentioned that he celebrated his birthday on 4 January 1990. His birthday does not appear in the Jägerblatt list in 1991, so I assume he passed away around then.

Andrew A.
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Where is everyone from? Do we have a poll or chart or something that says X members are from USA ( state ) X EU X Asia X MIddle East, X Africa, X South Aerica ( countries ) others I'm missing etc ? I'm curious as to the distribution of the membership and wonder how many are in the NYC - Philly - DC corridor as an example. If we don't have this can we set up a poll?


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Where is everyone from? Do we have a poll or chart or something that says X members are from USA ( state ) X EU X Asia X MIddle East, X Africa, X South Aerica ( countries ) others I'm missing etc ? I'm curious as to the distribution of the membership and wonder how many are in the NYC - Philly - DC corridor as an example. If we don't have this can we set up a poll?

In the case of Middle-East, I think I'm only active member! In this topic, you can find more info about some members.

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I did see these threads but I was wondering if we had a one stop page like the different polls give us. Many of those posts in the Biograph / User names don't have a location .
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