? Nicest 1/72 Phantom F-4B II kit please

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    I would like to know who you think makes the nicest Phantom F-4B II kit in 1/72nd for another of my Davidson builds.

    Capt. "Engine Eddie" Davidson, VF-143, 1967 USS Constellation. 33rd Vietnam Navy pilot to reach 200 missions.

    Also, Clave has done a profile of a 143 Sqn F-4, but I wonder if he has come across Davidsons plane. I intend to shoot off an email to him, he lives in, and operates Discount Eco-Divers, 10800 Overseas Hwy. Marathon, FL. Keys 33050, bed and breakfast apartments.

    Anything would be appreciated.

    Just askin.

    ***BTW there is a VF-143 vintage set of decals on slee-bay, all yellow, are they still good to use????

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