Non-US carrier aircraft on US carriers

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Admiral Beez

Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
Fairey Swordfish on USS Wasp.


Fairey Swordfish on USS Wasp elevator April 1942 | World War Photos
At the top of the picture, it looks like the main mast has been chopped off in a very distinctive pattern. Problem is, it's too close to the top edge of the picture for me to be sure. HIJMS Nagato had a very distinctive bow and funnel but the picture is from the stern. That's the only way I can tell it from the other IJN BB's, except the Yamatos.
Now we all know I don't look stuff up but I had to check out Wikipedia for pictures of Nagato. While looking around at everything but the Nagato, I actually found an error on the "frequently asked" part. How many battleships survived WW2? was the question. Their answer was 4. I count at least 6.

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