Not a bad price at all!

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Actually that's about right - it would probably take another $25,000 to get it safe for flight and would also carry an hourly operating cost of about $2000 per hour.....
Vassili Zaitzev said:
25,000 dollars for a Mig-21? How much would you pay for F-4 phantom on E-bay, 50,000 , 100,000?
Depends on conditions. I deal with L-29s and L-39s that sell between $35,000 - $300,000. Depends on condition and avionics...

There is only one F-4 flying in civilian hands right now, Davis Montham isn't letting them go that easy, especially since most of them will ultimately be "droned."
Boy, I dunno how much i'd pay for something like that. Just for a static display I imagine it shouldn't be too terrible, but for a flyable plane I can only imagine.

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