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Nov 8, 2004
This forum has had a long standing and strict no politics rule. This was rule was put in place, quite honestly, to keep the peace. The world, especially the United States has become increasingly polarized with the realm of politics. More often than not political discussion leads to anger and civil debate degenerates to insults and fighting. This forum has survived because of its stance on political discussion.

However, the ongoing war in Ukraine demonstrated that some topics cannot be discussed without discussing politics. Therefore the forum has amended its no politics rule.

The forum still has a no politics rule, however, it has been eased.

Political discussion that directly pertains to:

  1. WW2 or other historical conflicts can be discussed as long as it remains civil and does not deviate from topic.
  2. Ongoing conflicts such as the war in Ukraine can be discussed as long as it remains civil and does not deviate from topic.
No other types of political discussion are allowed, to include but not limited to:

  1. Partisan posts (left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, etc…)
  2. Posts about modern political news, parties, candidates, politicians, bills, debates, decisions, elections, or laws.
  3. Posts that contain insults or attacks.
  4. Posts that contain conspiracy theory rabbit holes.
  5. If it has nothing to do with the two allowable types of political discourse than it is not allowed.
The admin/mod team reserves the right to remove or close any thread or post that deviates or does not comply with this forum rule.

Furthermore, repeated misuse or non-compliance may result in a complete politics rule being re-instated, and/or temporary or permanent banning (this is a last resort and we do not take it lightly).

If you wish to post something that may be political but you are unsure, feel free to reach to one of the Administrators or Moderators and they will review whether it is allowed or not.

There are plenty of places on the internet to have political fights and unhealthy debate, lets not do that here.
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Agreed. It's sad that we need to limit discussion because of some people's tendencies to be disrespectful toward others. I acknowledge and hate the fact that it's a growing problem.

It occurred to me last night after watching many NHL playoff games, how often the crowd chants "Ref you suck" at what it deems to be missed penalty calls. These so-called adults forget that their shouts are directed at real people trying to do their best and that they are setting a terrible example for the kids in the crowd. It's no wonder we see increasing misbehaviour and it's sad.

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