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Folks, can you please tell me were is the difference between my signature to others like: #1975 Marcel
I have added a link to my website, but were is an advertising? I do not sell anything on my website. I show some of my colour profiles, which BTW also get used at this forum as reference.
To be honest you have replaced the pic with words and nothing was changed.
OK. Links in the siggy field we can accept. But the title "Luftwaffe Aviation Art" with your name below is the advertiement . The blue link below is fine and can be. Finally you have registered as Baron von Wien. And your signature here should be as your account name at least.
Regarding your question .. Marcel like otheres here , has his signature with his nick in there right?

My name is an advertiesement? The first time I have heard that. So Aviation Art made by "Baron von Wien" would be ok, because I use this nickname? Really?
I will delete all. I never had such discussions before, and I'm member in many forums. I just have registered here, to answer a question of a member here.

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