Oilers are going to win the Stanley Cup and theres nothing you can do about It

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Oct 3, 2005
Horcoff, Peca, Pronger, Rolosen and Smyth they all got it now, theyre organized and working as a team, they are systematically taking out there competition, at first I thought Detroit was going to murder Edmonton, but after we took Detroit out, I knew we had the ability to win and we will.
Piss on the Sabres, did they knock out the best team in the league I dont think so, and you havent been watching the oilers play, theyve been beating San Jose and Anheim with no f**king effort
HA! San Jose and the Ducks??? Please.....

Detroit, however, is another case altogether.... Props to them for that, but my hatred for the god*amn Oilers goes alot deeper, and as an Islanders fan, I am obliged to hate Edmonton till the day of my last dying breath....


Once again, piss on the Oilers...
Sabres all the way they have something no other team has no stars just a great bunch of team players as for beating anaheim please adjust your set or take off your rose coloured glasses they got lucky they are the last team I want to see win The Sabres beat lets see Philly with Forseberg and Gagne and Ottawa had Redden Philips that chump Chara Heatley Alfredson and you beat who San Jose with Joe Thorton who hasn't won squat


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lesofprimus said:
Excuse me sir, but we did win 4 cups in a row, 1980, 81, 82, and 83, where we swept ur precious, sh*t as* Oilers.......

excuse me, I was thinking off the top of my head, and whetever 5th in a row, and guess what the Oilers arent and werent **** ***, how can you say that, I mean how many Oilers games have you been to or seen? and whatever the Oilers are going to wipe out every team, win the cup, and ill send you a picture of me cleaning my septic tank with a Isles jersey and polishing it with a Sabres jersey.
Roloson (edmonton main goalie) had a ****ing great game, one of the problems with the oilers during the reg season was we didnt have a decent goalie, Conkilin was originally our backup but was put up front when Tommy Salo retired, but we managed to snatch Dwayne Roloson from Boston, but he sucked through the regular season but is doing amazing during the playoffs.
There are only 2 places in North America that care right now about The Cup Edmonton and Buffalo its 2 small market clubs that only have local followings no one anywhere else cares
Its just not there time yet, its been 15 years since the Oilers made it this far into the playoffs, riots in the streets everything is crazy, me and everybody are on call in the event the police riot guys cant handle the crowds.
And ain't that a bunch of horsesh*t, rioting to celebrate???

Times like those require rubber bullets, and a pre-riot warning to revelers:

Celebrate nicely or get shot with little tiny rubber bullets that could put an eye out, or kill ur stoopid ***......

Once again, I must state my original posistion...

Fu*k the Oilers, go Buffalo!!!!!!

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